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  • AUDITIONS:          Mon. and Tues. Dec. 10 & 11, 2018 at 7 pm
  • CALLBACKS:          Wed., Dec. 12, 2018 at 7 pm (If needed)
  • LOCATION:           Johnson Hall, Frauenthal Center, 427 W Western Ave
  • SHOW RUN:          Show run: Feb 15—March 2, 2019
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The Women of Lockerbie

The Story

By Deborah Brevoort

A mother from New Jersey roams the hills of Lockerbie Scotland, looking for her son’s remains that were lost in the crash of Pan Am 103. She meets the women of Lockerbie, who are fighting the U.S. government to obtain the clothing of the victims found in the plane’s wreckage. The women, determined to convert an act of hatred into an act of love, want to wash the clothes of the dead and return them to the victim’s families. THE WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE is loosely inspired by a true story, although the characters and situations in the play are purely fictional. Written in the structure of a Greek tragedy, it is a poetic drama about the triumph of love over hate.

Audition Procedures

Penny Notter, the Director, will have everyone read from the script. No accent required at auditions. There will be a dialect coach to instruct you during the rehearsal process.

Director’s vision statement: “This play has the power to move an audience to new hope in a world witnessing continual acts of revenge and hatred.”

Note:      Ages suggested are the appearance of the character.

Madeline Livingston

Female, 45-55

A suburban New Jersey housewife, obsessed with thoughts of her deceased young son, roams the hills of Lockerbie, Scotland, searching for something of him, she and her husband, Bill, portray a grief-stricken couple who are struggling for a sense of resolution and closure that will allow them to move forward and rebuild their shattered relationship. Their strengths lie in the final moments of the play, where the characters’ vulnerability and tenderness surface.

Bill Livingston

Male, 45-65

Madeline’s American husband, Adam’s father. Seven years after the tragedy, he has come to Scotland with his wife to attend a solemn vigil in Lockerbie.

Olive Allison

Female, 45-55

A no-nonsense woman of Lockerbie, Scotland, who has her own ax to grind. She is the leader of the ‘Laundry Project.’ Must be able to do a convincing Scottish accent.



 Four Woman

Female, 25-50

Women from Lockerbie, Scotland, part of the important support system that is at the very the heart of ‘The Laundry Project’. Although they don’t have names, the roles are considerable. Must be able to do a convincing Scottish accent


Female, 30-50

A cleaning woman from Lockerbie, and the subversive employee of George Jones. She serves as delightful comic relief in the play. Must be able to do a convincing Scottish accent.


George Jones

Male, 30-60

A U.S. Government representative who’s in charge of the warehouse that stores the remains of Pan Am 103 crash. He has been sent to Lockerbie to shut down the memorial service and to burn over 11,000 articles of clothing and personal items that survived the tragedy.