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The Old Settler

The Story

By John Henry Redwood

In World War II Harlem, New York, a fifty-five-year-old spinster (or as they were called in those days—an Old Settler), Elizabeth Borny, takes in a young male roomer, Husband Witherspoon, to help her with the rent. Husband has come to Harlem from South Carolina to search for his girlfriend, Lou Bessie Preston. Also living with Elizabeth is her sister, Quilly McGrath, fifty-three. There is an ominous cloud of tension that hangs over Elizabeth and Quilly’s relationship. This tension is further exacerbated when Elizabeth and Husband take to liking each other. Quilly, who doesn’t like Husband living with them in the first place, surely doesn’t approve of their “carrying on,” especially since Elizabeth is old enough to be Husband’s mother. It is this “carrying on” that exposes a thirty-year-old wound which, until now, only had a bandage—now the wound can heal for the sisters.

Audition Procedures
Jeanette Casson, the Director, will have everyone read from the script.

Elizabeth “Bess” Borny

African American Female 55-65

Elizabeth is described as an “old settler,” a woman who is not married. She is wise and kind—traits that are seemingly lacking in Quilly.

Husband  Witherspoon

African American Male, 25-35

An attractive young man full of the virtues and charisma and naïveté of someone emerging from strong roots of a Southern country upbringing. Good as gold and sidetracked by infatuation with Lou Bessie who he follows to NY from his country town. He is looking for something real and wants to be ready for it.

Quilly McGrath

African American Female, 55-65

Bess’s younger sister, a little spoiled, hiding a secret about how her marriage ended, comes to live with her sister and finds out the assumptions she makes about how they will live together are wrong.


Lou Bessie “Charmaine” Preston

African American Female, 25-35

An ambitious good looking girl who knows how to work what she’s got to help her move up in life though she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself.  She is a tigress underneath with a strong will.